My Little Farmies

The browser game My Little Farmies will let a dream come true: your very own farm. In a medieval world, there are numerous buildings just waiting for you to construct them and which are all part of a real farm. The game will also allow you to plant a whole bunch of different seeds as any good farmer would.

But your crops will need a lot of attention in My Little Farmies, since you won’t be able to harvest them otherwise. You can choose between a lot of crops such as vegetables, fruits or cotton. If you have harvested them, you will be able to process them into different products: grapes for example can be made into juice and wheat can be taken into the mill to produce flour.

But what is a real farm without its animals? In My Little Farmies, you will be able to breed different sorts of animals, if you have the right compounds for them. If you take good care of them, they will grow and soon fill your farm with life. If you need a hand, you can always look for maids to help you out with all the work. Explore a beautiful and lifelike world in My Little Farmies.




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